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Crimpjack was founded in 1990 by an enterprenuer with vast experience in CNC Machines including CNC Milling, Engraving , wire cut EDMs etc.

The machines have been supplied all over india from Hrishikesh, Ludhiana upto Mysore and from Ahmadabad to Vishakapatnam. The clientel includes L&T, Indian Institute of Science-Bangalore and numerous small and medium industries.

The most difficult CNC wire cut was also succesfully developed and sold. Linear motion guideways, ground ball lead screws, high speed spindles are our speciality.

CNC plano milling machines with 1.5 mtrs x 1 mtrs x 700 mm is also developed and available.

Machine Specifications

CNC Milling

•800x400x350mmX, Y and Z axes travel.
•BT 40 spindle, max speed 6000 rpm.
•4 HP special spindle motor with variable speed.
•AC Servo motors, drives with encoder feedback of reputed make.
•LM guides.
•Ball screws ground ball screws with double nut zero backlash.
•Max federate 14 m/min to reduce cycle time.
•With splash guards, enclosure.
•Centralized lubrication system automatic with adjustable timer.
•Coolant tank, pump and motor.

CNC Engraving

•24000 rpm 3 or 4 hp water cooled spindle with variable frequency drive.
•Max cutter size 12 mm with ER20 collect Gantry type design with LM guideways on all axes.
•All axes with Stepper or Servo motors and suitable best class Coolant tank and pump,nozzles, quick change tubes.
•Watercooling small aluminium tank and pump for Spindle cooling.
•Centralised automatic lubrication system with timer.
•Covers for guideways, coolant collection system and splash guards as per requirement.

Wire Cut EDM

•Table Travel (X & Y axes) - 300 mm x 260 mm.
•Z axes travel (Manual) - 150 mm.
•Aux. Table travel (U & V axes) - 30 x 30 mm
•Max. size of work piece - 450 x 300 x 150 mm.
•Max. weight of work piece - 100 Kgs.
•Taper Angle - 5/100 mm.
•Wire diameter - 0.2 and 0.25 mm.
•Ball screws - Hardened and ground.
•Guide ways - Linear motion guide ways.
•Main machine dimensions - 1100x700x1500 mm ht.

CNC plano milling machines

• X,Y,Z travels 950*1450*700 mm max. (In one setting, Z axis travel can be max. 200mm)
• BT 40 spindle
• Z-axis gantry can be lowered/raised by a single wheel drives.
• 2 ball screws for gantry adjustments.
• LM guides for Y axis of 1450mm stroke.
• Central lubrication system for all guideways, ball screws.
• PC(laptop) based CNC system with interface card,stepper motors and servo drives for all axes,25 Nm each.
• Limit switches for all axes.


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